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FLO – Pieces of Me (MFM)
FOR her second full length album, Winnipeg-based urban singer-songwriter Florence Oramasionwu has created nothing less than an exceptionally hot set of tracks that, in a just world, would send her to the very top of the overly crowded genre.

Miss O, or Flo as she goes, has the kind of vocal power and sass that only a select few divas possess, and her ability to shift gears from intense ballads to sticky and sweet dance tunes and back to between-the-sheets scorchers is the stuff of future legends. Heck, with the right combination of luck and timing, this gal could hit the big time.

By teaming up with well-positioned producer Arun Chaturvedi, Oramasionwu has practically sealed the deal toward larger recognition. Fans of this kind of music will have their favourite tracks, but anyone with ears will get the popping joy behind My Song and the delicious old-school soul vibe of the sensuous You Showed Me. Sophomore slump? Not this time. ****
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