Flo is an artist who delivers music with soul and substance. 

With live performances that have been described as ‘incendiary’ (Winnipeg Free Press, May 2011), Flo has graced the stage with artists such as: Devine Brown, Lauryn Hill, and Boys II Men, among others.

Born to Nigerian parents and raised in a multi-cultural neighborhood in Winnipeg, Canada, Flo knew that music was her future and was drawn to it at an early age.

Flo’s journey as a solo artist began with the release of her debut album “Flo”. The Winnipeg Free Press proclaimed “she’s definitely an urban soul artist to watch”, giving the album 4 out of 5 stars. The Winnipeg Sun wrote “the record is dripping with confidence”. In May 2011, Flo was the subject of an in-depth profile in Sandbox magazine.

If her first album “Flo” marked a confident beginning for this gifted young artist, then her sophomore release, “Pieces of me” crowned 2012 Urban Album of the year at the Western Canadian Music Awards, sets her on an upward trajectory to prominence. Flo describes this new album as up-beat and more adventurous than its predecessor. Pieces of me is composed of songs that are a pop-soul fusion with elements of R&B, dance and hip-hop. The material reflects her evolution as an artist. Songs like “Tell me why”, “Lullaby”, and “Hateless” touch on her deeper exploration into the human experience. “Ten” is a disco-tinged anthem to self-empowerment.

Flo is passion in living form, and she travels into realms of soul that some artists never tap into, and this is only the beginning…


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Music with Soul and Substance